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Guitar Scale Mastery Review
Your first step if you want to learn to play the guitar is to know your goal.  What are you trying to accomplish?  Do you want to choose the best guitar distortion pedal?  Do you envision performing in a band as part of your future?  Knowing where you're headed and why is really important for succeeding at it.
Whatever your goal is, you'll need to learn the guitar scales before you play.  You can have a fantastic teacher or student materials, many times these resources come up shy when actually passing along the knowledge of playing the guitar scales.
A fun part of guitar playing is simply the ability to pick up the instrument and just be able to jame, right there where you are.  This can be done even if you're learning.  Of course, if you join a band, this is going to be a bit tougher.  You need to learn how to rip a serious solo that will leave the crowd screaming for more.
Where on Earth are you going to learn and then master guitar scales?  There's a rather impressive system on the market that was made by a gentleman named Craig Bassett.  His product is "Guitar Scale Mastery."
Why trust Craig?  He's about 36 years old and has been playing music on various instruments for about 28 years now.  His skill in guitar has been developed over the past 18 years.  He attended Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand to get his Bachelor's in Music performance.
More importantly than his personal skill with the instrument you want to learn to play is that Craig knows how to teach.  Craig's been teaching guitar for years in various contexts, from high school through to master-level courses and also private lessons.
Enough about Craig - what should you expect with Guitar Scale Mastery?  Well, you learn the five necessary skills to master the guitar scales.  Craig breaks these down into the fingers, eyes, ears, intellect and then application.
Here is a list of the incredible benefits to using Craig's Guitar Scale Mastery system:

Incredible Benefit 1: The Guitar Scale Mastery System

At this part of the site, you will get the same system used by Craig to really learn the scales and make them a part of your thinking.  When Craig would learn a new scale, this is what he's doing.  After you learn the system to master the scale, you're going to do just that: master the guitar scales!
Some of the abilities you'll gain by using the Guitar Scale Mastery System are as follows:
Learn the scales to the degree they are internalized.
Use the scales without having to think.
Improvise - no matter your position on the freeboard.
You will have tons more confidence at improve!
These are only a sample of the benefits and skills you'll gain; others are listed on the site.

"Scale Assassin" #1: The Single String Scale

If you were lost on an island someplace and had to choose only ONE way to learn the guitar scales, this would have to be the one!  This is the best, most powerful way to learn scales, hands down.  Many people don't even bother with it.

"Scale Assassin" #2: 2-Stringed Scales

This is a fantastic way to learn scales.  It builds on the benefits you've gained in the single string method, and then adds the benefits of the traditional patterns.  If you ever use a system that skips this information, you've been robbed.

"Scale Assassin" #3: 3-Notes-Per-String Scales

 This approach is in use by many guitar players.  This method is great to learn both speed and fluid motion, making you one with the freeboard.  You will be able to apply this method to various genres of music, from speed metal to jazz.


"Scale Assassin" #4: Training the Ears

So-called guitarists who think they can improvise are really just running up and then back down the scales.  Wow.  What a bore!
Solution: ear training!  This is the skeleton key that really separates the musicians from the pretenders.  Ear training will kick your improve up a few notches.  You'll play music the way it's meant to sound.

"Scale Assassin" #5: Application

This is part of the Guitar Scale Mastery system will make sure you get the experience you need actually applying what you've learned.  You'll put into real-world practice all the lessons - isn't that the point?


Incredible Benefit 2: Guitar Scale Activators

These are "backing" tracks, used for bringing the sound of any scale alive as you play.


Incredible Benefit 3: Updates!

This benefit alone sets this membership site ages beyond books, DVD's and even courses you take at home.  New stuff gets added easily, and with your membership you get access to all the good stuff coming in.  There is no added cost to this unlimited value.
Craig also adds another bonus just for ordering Guitar Scale Mastery.  It's called Pentatonic Guitar Success, an e-Book that: It took Craig a good 6 months to put it together.  Craig wrote it for the serious enthusiast who wants to develop "pentatonic scale" techniques.  According to Craig, this book alone is worth more than the membership to Guitar Scale Mastery!
The Guitar Scale Mastery site has a lot more details to offer.  You'll find plenty of customer testimonials from happy customers like yourself.  You should only use this product if you're serious about mastering the guitar scales quickly.
What's that worth to you, by the way - to master guitar scales?  Did you know only 5% of guitarists actually master that skill?
To rank in the top 5% of guitarists the world over will only cost $67 for 36 months of membership!  That's unheard of value.  If you want to get good and serious about your guitar playing, then membership in Guitar Scale Mastery is a really small price to pay for it.